Katelyn Mae Petrin

Multimedia journalist and digital storyteller

About me

Katelyn Mae Petrin

Multimedia journalist based in St. Louis, MO

I combine good old-fashioned digging with newfangled digital media.

Right now, I work mostly with photos and social media, but I produce and edit video when the right story arises. In my free time, I'm taking the LC101 class at LaunchCode, where I'll learn all the tools necessary to build web apps and data visuals that can contribute to my online reporting.

My favorite reporting is collaborative and interactive—the curated packages built with a team and developed specifically to help St. Louisans find the news they need. Recent projects I've helped develop include St. Louis Magazine's 2017 mayoral election guide and the accompanying social media and breaking news coverage, as well as our breaking and enterprise coverage of the Jason Stockley verdict. Some of this work is ephemeral: Facebook Live, Twitter Periscopes, and livetweeting supplement stories and web apps.

In my minimal spare time, I build websites and write stories as a freelancer.

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Technical Skills


AP Style

Write and edit to
industry standards


Data processing and
basic visualization

Facebook Live

Live reporting
(behind the camera)

Instagram Story

#latergram reporting on
the scene

Twitter Video

Live video to supplement
photo and text Tweets

Public Records

Requesting documents from local government



Produce photo and video
for breaking and enterprise


On the fly multimedia production for social

Premiere Pro

Production for quick glimpses and edited shorts


Image resizing and ethical color and brightness correction


Sound editing for radio spots and short video

Field Recording

Using recorders and mics for interview and ambient



User-focused design for effective communication


Use framework for responsive development


Data processing and back-end for web apps


Manage content on
grumpy systems


Maximize headlines and deks for reach

Data Vis

Use programming tools for interactive web visualizations

Work Experience

Sept. 2016

Editorial Assistant

St. Louis Magazine

At St. Louis Magazine, I wear many hats. I spend about a week and a half in the average month "editorial assistant"-ing (i.e. copyediting print publications and organizing layout rounds). The rest of the time, I am a digital reporter and editor. Using digital storytelling—sometimes as simple as a borrowed photo, others working collaboratively to create interative, audience-oriented news for local readers—I report news, health, home, arts, and dining stories. Wrapping up these stories, I act as a digital media specialist, determining the best way to reach audiences on social media. As an editor, I hire freelancers, develop and assign online content for the Health and Homes blogs, manage budgets, and oversee interns.

May 2015


The Riverfront Times, The Alton Telegraph, etc.

Although I've been writing as a "free agent" for years, my first real freelance gig involved driving to rural Missouri to attend a bond hearing for a paper in Florida that had not looked into or secured me correct press credentials. It was a blast. And after that, I was hooked. Since, I've reported on shady landlords, real life cyborgs, premiere tattoo artists, visiting celebrities, Japanese conventions, and the mundane happenings of day-to-day life. My freelancing has taken me from St. Louis to Silicon Valley, Detroit, and southwestern Illinois. I've also done some freelance videography, web development, and video production lessons along the way.

Jan. 2015
Sept. 2016


St. Louis Public Radio, Nine Network, The Riverfront Times, KDHX, The Common Reader

I've been an intern with many titles (news, digital, editorial, web & communications, and editorial again). Their common theme? At each internship, I focused on picking up a new skill: first audio, then video, then public records, then web development, returning continually to improve the methods I'd already learned. I made sure to never stop growing as a reporter and build skills that help me create news that audiences can engage with and understand.

Jan. 2014
May 2016

Student Journalist

Merle Kling Literary Journalism Fellowship, Frontiers Health Review, Student Life

Admittedly, I spent more time reporting out of the classroom than in. I did complete an entire major's-worth of writing and journalism classes while working at the student paper, acting as editor-in-chief for a health magazine, and developing a two-year longform literary journalism project. I covered speakers, doctors, environmental crises, and more cyborgs, developing my multimedia skills in classes at the same time.

Education & Diplomas

June 2017
Dec. 2017



I began a LaunchCode class this summer to improve my data visualization and digital reporting skills. Although right now I can build data visualizations in Excel, they're not interactive (or particularly aesthetic). I want to be able to create charts, graphs, maps, and images that audiences can interact with to really see and understand stories for themselves. By the end of this class in December, I'll have the tools to build web apps and create interactive data projects in libraries such as D3.js.

Aug. 2012
May 2016

Bachelor's Degree

Washington University in St. Louis

My degree is technically in Medical Humanities, with minors in Classics and Writing. If WUSTL had writing or journalism majors, I had enough credits to declare one; however, they only offer writing minors. As a Medical Humanities major, I conducted sociohistorical research on health, biology, and bodies from a textual (rather than scientific) perspective. Think history of science, but people-oriented. My capstone project focused on St. Louis city's brief and odd foray into legal prostitution in the 19th-century, and how there's some evidence that city officials may have tried to corral brothels in majority black neighborhoods. I can also read Latin at the graduate level, which I'm told gives me a better understanding of language and poetry.


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